Our Mission

Everything we do is to upscale by our enduring mission. It is about integrity, Treating our guest in an honest and professional manner, It is about authority, Presenting knowledgeable and respected opinions.

Our Statement

Sofia Beverages believes in offering its customers quality products that use state of art technology. We ensure that our company  has a great recall value and provides competitive leadership with its variety of offerings.

Our Vision

We are committed to provide superior service to our customers and suppliers. We strive to represent the best quality beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Our History

Six years on and still totally independent, our highly acclaimed product reflects our relentless globetrotting in search of wines that offer interest and quality at prices to please

Our goal is to provide an enticing environment that allows our guest to shop; a friendly and highly knowledgeable staff manages that.

We can help you to discover exceptional Wine & Spirits suitable for every taste, meal and occasion, but we do have a strong reputation for finding wines that punch above their weight, for unearthing rough diamonds, for spotting tall poppies, but, above all, for using clumsy and ungainly metaphors.

Sofia Beverage Boutique is about wines to drink - not just wines that impress at tastings. We particularly emphasize drinkability and try to offer wines, which do not just impress on first taste, but leave you wanting another glass.

Contact Us...

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